Preparing for a Smooth Transition from Hospital to Home

Preparing for a Smooth Transition from Hospital to Home

Most people who have been hospitalized and are given the “okay” to receive care at home must have a smooth transition to avoid hassle and stress on both the patient and primary caregiver.

With that, preparation is key. Here are ways you can prepare a safe transition from hospital to home for your loved one:

  • Play an active role in the discharge planning process
    Should you have any questions regarding the discharge process, don’t hesitate to ask the primary physician or any professional on the healthcare team. Make sure that all the documents are ready, and all the items needed for discharge are set and ready.
  • Make sure the discharge instructions are clear with medications and equipment
    Double-check your loved one’s medications and equipment for their transition. You must have a list of all their medications and compare the list to their prehospitalization medications. Make sure to ask the physician about any common side effects and discuss medications that are only to be taken “as needed” for clarification.
  • Make their home more conducive for care
    As they will be recovering at home, you must make sure that they have a clean and organized room for them to stay in. Everything should be kept in order and ready for any equipment they may need for their care.

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