Travel Tips for Seniors This Summer

Travel Tips for Seniors This Summer

Summer is finally here! If you and your elderly loved ones are planning to go on a trip this season, these tips will help you ensure a smooth and safe journey for everyone.

  • Prepare Personal and Medical Documentation
    Remember to pack your and your loved one’s passports and other IDs. Furthermore, request copies of prescriptions or statements of medical conditions from your loved one’s primary healthcare provider or medical treatment center.
  • Find Senior-Friendly Travel Services
    Working with senior-friendly travel services can ensure your loved one gets all they need before, during, and after their departure. Whether your loved one is traveling alone or with a professional home health aide in Virginia, make sure to get them the appropriate assistance they need to feel comfortable during the journey.
  • Pack Light
    Packing light can make it easier for seniors — especially those with disabilities and limitations — to move around the airport or bus/train station. Since they won’t be lugging around heavy bags and packs, they can feel more at ease and comfortable.
  • Arrange for Medication Management Services
    It’s not uncommon for seniors to take several prescriptions at the same time. To make sure your loved one stays on top of their medications, hiring a professional caregiver or at least a reminder service could be what prevents medication errors from happening to your loved one on the road.
  • Travel Safely with Loved Ones
    This summer, we at ABSOLUTE HOME HEALTHCARE INC. — a professional provider of home health care in Stafford, Virginia — encourage clients to practice proper safety when traveling this summer.

Stay clear of illness by practicing proper social distancing and wearing a facemask when in public.

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