Diabetes Prevention Tips for Older Adults

Diabetes Prevention Tips for Older Adults

According to the National Institute on Aging, millions of older adults in America have “prediabetes.” This means they could be at risk of type 2 diabetes and having a stroke or heart attack. That’s why in your golden years, you must take charge of your health to prevent chronic conditions, such as diabetes, as you may be more prone to them.

Being a provider of home health care in Stafford, Virginia, we’ve helped many seniors manage their blood sugar levels. With this, we give you some tips on how you can prevent diabetes:

  • Follow a Healthy Meal Plan
    We encourage you to see your physician or dietitian, so they can come up with a healthy meal plan that’s right for you. However, generally, reducing the number of calories you eat and drink each day can help. Having whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet can be beneficial, too.
  • Have Water as a Primary Source of Beverage
    According to research, consuming water increases water consumption and can lead to better blood sugar control and insulin response. Not only that, water has other benefits like washing away body wastes and helping to maintain your blood pressure.
  • Have an Exercise Routine
    Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle as it can increase your risk of diabetes. You can ask your physician about an exercise plan that may be right for you and stick to it so you can maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Do you need a home health aide in Virginia to help you age in place comfortably?

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