Understanding Pain Can Help With Better Treatment

September is Pain Awareness Month. As such, let us take this time to talk about pain. We need to understand what pain is and what underlying issue is causing it. Doing so allows us to provide better treatment and relieving … Read More ›


Making You Comfortable as You Age at Home

Like most older adults, you or your loved ones may prefer to age at home. It has its benefits; in that, you are more comfortable and used to your current environment. This helps minimize the stress that comes from change. … Read More ›


Things to Have the Doctor Check After a Fall

Often, a medical visit after a fall is mainly about addressing the injuries an older person may have suffered. Although this step is certainly important, to prevent future falls, it’s important to have your loved one’s primary healthcare provider...

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Travel Tips for Seniors This Summer

Summer is finally here! If you and your elderly loved ones are planning to go on a trip this season, these tips will help you ensure a smooth and safe journey for everyone. Prepare Personal and Medical Documentation Remember to … Read More ›


Basic Wound Care Guidelines Everyone Should Know

Wound care is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to patient care. It is a way of ensuring the recovery of a wound. On top of this, it is also the best way to prevent an infection. … Read More ›


How to Create a Safer Environment at Home

Having a clean home is not only significant to the health of a person, but it is also essential in maintaining safety. A clean and well-organized home is conducive to the well-being of an individual. If a home is not … Read More ›