Medication Adherence to Maximize Benefits

medication-adherence-to-maximize-benefitsIt is widely recognized that medications prescribed by doctors are not exactly taken as directed by most patients for a myriad of reasons. This widespread prevalence of medication non-adherence leads to an increased rate of hospitalizations, which could mean more healthcare costs. Aside from that, medication non-adherence could even worse, result in death.

The factors that contribute to poor medication adherence include but is not limited to the following common reasons:

  • Lack of understanding with regards to directions, side effects, etc.
  • Costs where patients can no longer afford to refill prescriptions.
  • Complicated regimen which involves multiple medications and such.

As a home health care in Stafford, Virginia, we put health as the foremost priority. Through the top-quality services provided by healthcare professionals here at ABSOLUTE HOME HEALTHCARE INC., we can help address the challenges of medication adherence. Our registered nurses are responsible for the administration of prescribed medications. We also have licensed practical nurses who can administer oral and intravenous medications. With regards to medication reminders, we also have home health attendants who are tasked to ensure that medications have been adhered to.

Aside from the healthcare services, we have listed these simple tips for better medication adherence.

  • Work with one pharmacy for all prescriptions and refills.
  • Use a reminder tool for medication schedules like pill organizers, gadgets, and other mobile apps.
  • Establish a routine and incorporate medication taken with the routine.

By taking the medicines as prescribed, at the right time and dose, and according to instructions, not only does it help save on costs but more importantly promote better health outcomes by getting the maximum benefits of medicines taken.

For more details and inquiries about home health aide in Virginia, contact us today.

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