Quality Skilled Nursing Care At Home

quality-skilled-nursing-care-at-homeLiving with a chronic medical condition or recovering from a surgery or injury requires a higher level of care due to the complexities and challenges associated with the condition. The advanced and complex care needs that the health condition demands can only be met and addressed by licensed health professionals such as registered nurses (RNs).

Providing the best home health care in Stafford, Virginia, the licensed and registered healthcare professionals of ABSOLUTE HOME HEALTHCARE INC. provide skilled nursing care services to help patients lead quality lives in the comfort and safety of their living options.

  • Wound care
    It may sound simple but wound care requires skills, especially for complex wounds. Nurses need to assess the condition to prevent infection and other complications, as well as help promote faster healing.
  • Catheter Care
    Urinary catheters are used to address urinary incontinence and retention. Without proper catheter care, it can increase the risk of a urinary tract infection, thus skilled nursing catheter care is essential to avoid this.
  • Tube Feeding
    Complications may arise with tube feeding and to prevent it from happening, proper administration of tube feeding is important. Part of skilled nursing services includes tube feeding assistance and management.
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
    Vital signs help detect or monitor medical problems. To keep track of the health condition, a home health aide in Virginia can help in regular monitoring of body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure to ensure that appropriate treatment is delivered when needed.
  • IV Therapy
    IV fluid infusions are prescribed to restore or maintain hydration and electrolyte status. Since fluid and electrolyte statuses are constantly changing when receiving IV fluids, nurses play critical roles in IV therapy.

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