What Goes in a Personal Care Routine


Personal Care refers to any personal assistance service. Healthcare providers ensure your loved one can still do what they love the most without compromising their independence.

If you’re looking for home health care in Stafford, Virginia, look for one with personal care services, wherein they’ll teach your loved one how to do things on their own in the long run. They should enjoy their privacy and independence even with home assistance.

So, how does a personal care routine usually go? Our home health aide in Virginia usually does the following:

  • Meal Preparation and Planning

    Our home health attendant helps your loved one plan their meals and get a healthy lifestyle. They can tell us what they’d love to eat, keeping in mind their health and diet.

  • Assistance with Cloth Selection and Dressing

    We ensure your loved one will enjoy the clothes they’d like to wear every day. We let them decide what they’d like to wear and assist them in dressing, keeping in mind their privacy.

  • Transportation to Family Gatherings

    We can drive your loved one to any family event in town. We guarantee their safety is of the utmost importance, and we do so by also providing companionship while on the road.

  • Light Household Tasks

    We can do light cleaning and other errands so long as it won’t be taxing. Again, this is to assist your loved one, ensuring they can still do the tasks on their own as much as possible.

  • Medication Management

    We ensure your loved one is always on time for their medication with our medication management service.

Contact ABSOLUTE HOME HEALTHCARE INC. for your healthcare needs. We are always here to help you when you need it the most.

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